The CEV Repsol starts in the rain

The first races of the 2013 CEV Repsol on Sunday were played under a steady rain that accompanied the start of this event at the Circuit de Catalunya. Under these conditions, the three categories were crowned for the first time this season to their respective winners, Wayne Ryan in Moto3, Xavi Fores in Stock Extreme, Alejandro Mariñelarena in Moto2 and Moto3 Adrian Martin again-this event has had two independent sleeves-.



Wayne Ryan has been clearly dominant in the first race of Moto3. In the rain, Britain has managed to stay on the bike in a race marked by falls ─ Adrian Martin, who started from pole has gone down in the first turn ─. Lap by lap, Ryan has extended his lead gradually to pass under the checkered flag with a lead of over ten seconds. Fabio Quartararo ─ the youngest driver CEV ─ Repsol has risen to second place on the podium after Rodrigo Gabriel exceed a few meters before the finish line.

In the second set of Moto3, Adrian Martin was able to assert the pole got yesterday and pointed out the victory, as he was the winner of the first race, Wayne Ryan, who had on the floor in the second corner. The Valencian has compensated the first result in a brilliant career in which he crossed the finish line alone, ahead of Bryan Schouten and Kyle Ryde.

After the two races at the Circuit de Catalunya, Schouten and Quartararo tied 30 point in the overall standings, followed by Martin and Ryan, also tied on 25 points.


Alejandro Mariñelarena has been the name in the Moto2 class. In his second year in this category, has been awarded the victory to dominate from start to finish the race with a wide margin of advantage. Roman Ramos goal coming in more than ten seconds, finished in second place and Russell Gomez at third, to more than 30 seconds.

Stock Extreme

In Stock Extreme category, Xavi Fores has completed a round weekend after winning the pole position and a victory makes him the first leader of Repsol CEV. During the race, Ivan Silva has been its main competitor until tire problems and the presence of bent prevented him follow the leader of the race, ending in second place. The third step of the podium has held Santi Barragan.



Race 1 – Moto3
1. Wayne Ryan Gran Bretaña 36:23.275
2. Fabio Quartararo Francia +10.101
3. Gabriel Rodrigo España +10.146
4. Marcos Ramírez España +12.713
5. Fraser Rogers Gran Bretaña +19.625
6. Bryan Schouten Holanda +22.171
7. Bradley Ray Gran Bretaña +55.943
8. Kenta Fujii Japón +59.785
9. Alejandro Medina España +1:00.265
10. Livio Loi Bélgica +1:01.334
Race 2 – Moto3
1. Adrián Martín España 36:24.549
2. Bryan Schouten Holanda +5.630
3. Kyle Ryde Gran Bretaña +5.928
4. Luca Amato Alemania +5.955
5. Marcos Ramírez España +23.314
6. Fabio Quartararo Francia +32.081
7. Alejandro Medina España +32.311
8. Andrea Migno Italia +36.158
9. Bradley Ray Gran Bretaña +42.518
10. Livio Loi Bélgica xxxx
Race – Moto2
1. Alejandro Mariñelarena España 37:16.516
2. Román Ramos España +10.747
3. Russell Gómez España +32.874
4. Santiago Hernández Colombia +37.315
5. Daniel Rivas España +51.957
6. Luis Mora España +1:23.100
7. Elena Rosell España +1:28.320
8. Jesko Raffin Suiza +1:31.150
9. Andrés González España +1:31.231
10. Jorge Arroyo España +1:33.220
Race – Stock Extreme
1. Xavier Forés España 36:15.857
2. Iván SIlva España +8.316
3. Santiago Barragán España +9.072
4. Adrián Bonastre España +11.991
5. Carmelo Morales España +15.573
6. Héctor Faubel España +19.530
7. Enrique Ferrer España +55.221
8. Francisco Alviz España +1:29.954
9. Mathieu Dumas Francia +1:35.254
10. Roberto Pietri Venezuela +1:43.240
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