Students of Monlau Repsol perform a practical carburizing

Carburada 2014 - 1MCM

1MCM students (First year mechanical racing motorcycles) shifted to the premises of the MX circuit of the Roca for a real practice carburizing motorcycle 2T.


After assembling the necessary infrastructure, the students were able to implement all the knowledge acquired during much of the first quarter in the course of synthesis.


In collaboration with 4 riders of MX, students were responsible for correctly tuning a carbureted Honda CR125 a GASGAS EC250 and two KTM SX200.


In this way they were able to see how, as directed by each pilot and varying the different parameters carburizing, different motor responses were achieved.

Carburada 2014 - 1MCM_2Carburada 2014 - 1MCM_3

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