Scalabroni taught a master class in Monlau Competition

This week the students of the Master in engineering competition, school directed by Emilio Alzamora, have had the honor of listening to experienced F1 engineer Enrique Scalabroni. The Argentine has moved to the center located in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) to deliver a lecture on aerodynamics and other important technical aspects to be considered in competition vehicles.


Scalabroni, extensive professional background in the field of motorsport, discussed his theories about the dynamics and aerodynamics of vehicles, as well as their vision of what should be a race engineer. It has also exposed a technical analysis of the performance of racing tires and has lectured on the calculations to take into account the cooling of a race car.


The master class has been very well received by all students who have been very pleased to have had today in your classroom, someone like Henry Scalabroni and have used to ask and know some of the ins and outs of the competition at the highest level .


Enrique Scalabroni
Born in Argentina in October 1949 attended his first engineering studies at the Technical University of Buenos Aires. In 75 moved to Formula Renault Team Fame being in 1982 when he landed in Europe, at 32, to work at Dallara Automobili.


Shortly afterwards, in 1985 and after successful work in the field of aerodynamics and design, was recruited by Williams F1 which contributed greatly to the design of the gearbox six-speed sequential, introduced in Hand F1 team Williams .


After taking a gap at the highest level, Scalabroni was part of several big teams like Ferrari or Lotus. In 1992 he joined Peugeot to design the Peugeot 905 Le Mans and soon after, focus on the project that Peugeot had to be present on the F1 grid.


In recent years, Enrique Scalabroni followed GP2 with the team that settled in Granollers, BCN Competition, achieving several hits in the discipline prelude to Formula 1.

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