Repsol and Monlau present 2015 scholarship program

The mechanical and engineering students with the highest marks will benefit from a total of 34 scholarships.

Thanks to the program of school’s work experience programme, over 60% of students successfully enter the labour market.

Repsol and the Monlau Group presented their scholarship program today in Madrid, for students enrolled in the Repsol Monlau Technical School –a training centre based in Barcelona and renowned throughout Spain as a reference for aspiring young riders, mechanics and engineers in top level motorcycle and automobile racing. The event was held at the campus run by the energy company and featured the presence of Repsol’s Director General of Communications and Presidency, Begoña Elices, Director of Corporate Marketing, Teresa de Isturiz, and, on behalf of Monlau, Director General, Iban Ventura, and CEO of Monlau Repsol Technical School, Emilio Alzamora. The Repsol scholarship programme, now in its third year, aims to support the best engineers and mechanics from the school, and facilitate the development of their careers.
The programme rewards students on the Competition Mechanics Course with the best marks after graduation, with 30 scholarships equivalent to half the cost of their academic tuition fees. Also, the four students with the best grades in the Master of Competition Engineering course will also benefit from this scholarship program. The objective of this pioneering postgraduate scheme in Spain, endorsed by the Spanish Motorcycle and Automobile federations, is to prepare students to work in professional motorsport.
The link between Monlau and Repsol goes far beyond traditional sponsorship. It is an alliance that is based on values common to both institutions, such as community involvement, teamwork and a culture of technological innovation and effort.
Teresa de Isturiz commented that “the sponsorship of Monlau Repsol Technical School goes far beyond a traditional sponsorship agreement. The Monlau-Repsol alliance has been formed naturally, with both companies sharing common values in innovation, technology and –above all– people. Technological innovation forms part of Repsol’s DNA; it is present in our daily activity and has been for the duration of 45 years supporting motorsport. All these sponsorship agreements have allowed us to show our innovative capacity and the value of technology developed at the Repsol Technology Centre.”
Iban Ventura added that: “It is an honour for Monlau to work each day to help the hundreds of young people pursuing their dreams. We work on the foundation of values deeply rooted in the culture of our institution, based on commitment to society, closeness to students and businesses in our sector to provide an opportunity in the job market and, finally, attention to hard work. This is thanks to a concrete working methodology that we call the ‘Monlau Method’.”
More than 200 students enrolled

This programme is an example of Repsol’s commitment to the training of young people in Spain, not only in the field of sports, but also in specialities such as engineering and other diplomas and degrees.
Additionally, Repsol subsidises the final projects of Masters students studying Competition Engineering, whose objective is to design and build a Moto3 and a kart to compete in the final race of the FIM CEV Repsol and the Rotax Series, respectively.
The philosophy of Monlau Repsol Technical School is based on the principle of training in the three disciplines of motorsport –mechanics, engineering and riding– through education aimed at facilitating the integration of students into the labour market. Over 60% of young people who have attended their classes have managed to engage in motorsport professionally, and more than a hundred of them participated in the most demanding and prestigious competitions in the world, such as the MotoGP and Formula 1 World Championships.
Currently, Monlau Repsol Technical School has 238 students enrolled on initiation, first grade and second grade courses in Competition Mechanics for car and motorcycle racing. It also has 30 students in the sixth edition of the Masters course in Competition Engineering.

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