Currently Monlau Competition participates every year in the last race of the year, 500km of Alcaniz . The school team was proclaimed in 2012 Champion in Division 1 with the Porsche GT3 driven by Jurgen Smet, Jose Manuel Perez Aicart and Cristian Cano, besides getting the first three places in Division 4 with three Seat Leon MKII driven by Jaume font / Arnau Merlos , Alex Carbonell / David Arroyo and David Cebrian / Carlos Ezpeleta .

This year 2013 the school has participated in 6 vehicles distributed in the divisions D1 , D4 , D5 , D6 and D8, where the Porsche GT3 has again proclaimed Champion Division 1 piloted by Jurgen Smet, Jose Manuel Pérez Aicart and Jaume Font.

The Seat Leon MKII driven by Luca Demarchi , Alfredo Salerno and Jose Luis Garcia have achieved third place , and the trio Javier Lombardo , Nacho Gabari and Manuel Caballo, fourths in D4 with other Seat Leon MKII.

In the category D5, Pepus Alonso and Javier Hernandez have launched a new drive Renault Clio Cup, the phase IV. Alonso and Hernandez have been disputing the victory in D5 during the four hours of competition and finally crossed the finish line in an excellent second place.

In D6, Javier Ruiz Fernández de Henestrosa and Rafael Sánchez have driven a Renault Clio Cup and been able to ride at a good pace , in fifth place , but in the closing stages of the race have been forced to abandon.