Racing test in Karting Vendrell

Within the program of visits and conferences scheduled on the agenda, was performed with 1MCA students (First Year of Competition Auto Mechanics), a test and demonstration of methodology in the tuning work both chassis and engine with 125cc Kart KZ category. This test has been performed on the premises of Club Karting Vendrell and using Sportkart team structure.


The technical assistance during the test has been in charge Ruben Simon, a specialist in the karting great background and now team owner and Kids to Win school teacher Monlau Competition in the subject of introduction to Karting, in addition to the presence of David Simon, Technical Director of Competition and Carlos Vicea Monlau, crew chief Sportkart Vendrell. As an added value to the day of testing the engines recognized Faluga preparer did transfer to the school of art material, carbs, exhausts, etc..


All tests were contrasted with powerful data acquisition equipment implemented in the kart, seeing speeds, exhaust temperatures, water, and engine RPM and gear position or other.


At the wheel of the kart we have the presence of Jordi Barrera undoubtedly mechanics perfectly conveyed the importance of the changes on the kart.


Students have been able to see how you work on a kart in a methodical and professional to extract the most out of the machine and rider.


Thank the great willingness of all persons who contributed to the completion of the test, Sport kart Vendrell Karting Club Vendrell, Faluga Racing and as teachers and students involved in the realization of it.

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