Monlau Repsol Technical School trains future racing engineers


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Monlau Repsol Technical School organizes for the fifth year of the Master of Engineering Competition, the only one in Spain which enables practices racetrack. The first of this year took place at the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona, where 30 students have known how a real -time test with racing cars. Future specialists in motorsport engineers have at their disposal a competition structure, consisting of four vehicles (three cars and formula) and six drivers with great level to practice and learn.
The practice represents the culmination of the first month of the Master and, for students, has been their first contact with the world of motorsport. They have seen how it is organized a day of test, have attended meetings with the drivers and used the behavior of each vehicle, depending on the settings used and piloting techniques.

David Seguin, track engineer and Master Teacher explains that “the purpose is to put into practice all the theory that students have learned in the classroom, as the set-up of the vehicle, working with the driver, data acquisition and, ultimately, the performance of a racing team in general.”
The ultimate goal is to gather as much information as possible in search of a higher return on each of the vehicles through the different set- up of pressure, chassis, suspension and aerodynamics. During the test are used two Renault Clio Cup, a Seat Leon MKII and a Formula Renault 2.0 car.

Pilots take command responsible for these high performance cars and transmit your information to future engineers come from the team Monlau : Fran Rueda, a 17 year old competing in the Seat Leon Eurocup ; Luis Carlos Maurel and Ignacio Gabari , Cup Spain Resistance ; Alba Cano and David Cebrian, Renault Clio Cup ; and Arturo Melgar, a promise of only 14 years competing in karting.

Alberto Garzón, engineer, teacher and former student of the Master, explained the importance for students to attend this practice: ” They make contact with the reality of the race and can see all running a test with professional and novice drivers. It is very important for them to attend a full day in the manufacture of a car and driver, to evolve it.”

Students of the Master of Monlau Repsol Technical School were distributed in small groups, led by several professors from the Barcelona School, rotating gone to work well with each and every one of the test models. The practice has served his time for the working dynamics of a racing team and responsibilities of engineers during the development of a test.

Ana Maduro, the only girl of the Master, he was very satisfied with the experience and recognized have felt very comfortable,” In such a male domain as motorsport I am very wrapped up all my colleagues and I have not felt excluded at any time. This practice is very positive for our training.”

His partner, Albert Sanchez, adding that ” this day brings us closer to the feeling rather live in a box, working as we want to be future engineers with the stress that entails. The experience is very helpful to our work ahead for tomorrow within the world of competition. ”

This activity at the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona was the first of four practices that participants to the prestigious Masters in Engineering Competition held throughout the course , both car and motorcycle racing , organized by  Monlau Repsol Technical School. His dream is simply to become short-term future engineers of a professional team .



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