Monlau Repsol Technical School ends the 24 Hours of Motorcycling


At 15h on Sunday the euphoria has erupted in the box 21 and 22 of the Circuit de Catalunya. No wonder, students in their final year of motorcycle racing mechanics have shown how, after several months of work and after 24 hours of hot competition, their two bikes have crossed under the checkered flag on the main straight the Montmelo.



The main objective of Repsol Monlau Technical School team, led by Jaime Serrano, was to complete the race and he did it. The Kawasaki ZX-10 prepared by the students of the school have worked perfectly and although some problems have been typical of this type of endurance events, work in the garage has been excellent and have overcome all odds to cross the finish at the scheduled time.


In the qualifying session, the Barcelona team has demonstrated its potential. The bike with dorsal 71, piloted by Massimo Chetry, Marc Creu, Joan Enric Zamorano and Sauri, has managed to be the first in its class, the SST1 (Superstock 1000) and third overall. The 17, with Toni Cerpa, Bruno Guerrero, Toni Morell and Venezuelan Nelson Perez was the ninth and SST1 fourteen overall.


In the race, the 71 has made a brilliant departure that has allowed filming in fifth place during the first hour, a little later, passing it in third place as second class. The 17, with a torn something more modest, has started in twenty-sixth place but slowly started to pick up to be ninth overall and fifth in class. However, a couple of mechanical problems with the oil pump with the first and the second transmission, have left no chance of getting a good result to the computer.


Finally, the Kawasaki ZX-10 have crossed the line and the school project has served its purpose, being the number 17, the highest ranked twenty position as the tenth of SST1.


Jaime Serrano, deputy director of Repsol Monlau Technical School and team manager of the 24 Hours of Motorcycling, explained: “Ending a 24-hour racing is always a win. We are very satisfied with the work done by the team and the professionalism demonstrated when problems have arisen. I especially congratulate all our students and teachers, coordinators, rivers and sponsors.”


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