Monlau Competition win with authority with the Seat Ibiza SC Trophy

The Circuit de Catalunya has hosted the second meeting of the season of Endurance Cup Spain and Renault Clio Cup Monlau Competition, true competitor of the event, was present with six vehicles and a total of seven drivers: Jaume Font, David Arroyo and Alex Carbonell, each with a Seat Leon Supercopa D2; Luca Demarchi and Alfredo Salerno sharing a Seat Ibiza SC Trophy at D5 and David Cebrian and Carlos Ezpeleta with respective Renault Clio Cup at the top of the diamond mark. A new feature in this quote from CER has scheduled a lone run of 120 minutes, in contrast to the usual two 50 or 60 minutes each.

Resistance Cup Spain
Class 1
Jaume Font, in the inaugural race won a victory and a second place, has had everything from face to return to the podium. However, when it was in full comeback ranking sixth a bearing has had enough and had to leave. Carbonell, debutante with the vehicle and in the event, has been the surprise. It has maintained an excellent pace throughout the race and especially during the last quarter, eventually signing a fourth place in Division 2. Luck does not have accompanied David Arroyo who has had an incident in the qualifying session and later, in the race, has again played with another rival and has been forced to withdraw.

Class 2
Demarchi and Salerno, winners in both races of the first date, have gone up to the top of the podium, both the Seat Ibiza SC Trophy as Division 5. The Italian drivers have not forgiven and crossed the finish line first after two hours of racing. With this result, leaders are placed alone in the tournament standings.

Renault Clio Cup
David Cebrian has taken a step forward in adapting to the French vehicle. After several years competing with a Seat Leon Supercopa, Cebrian is being used thoroughly to get the most out the Renault Clio Cup in the first race, has achieved an excellent fifth place and in the second, when rolled fourth track contact with a rival has left the closed direction and dropped to eighth. With the other vehicle Monlau Competition, Carlos Ezpeleta also continues with its particular adaptation and in Montmelo has signed two twelfth places.

The next meeting of the CER and the Renault Clio Cup will be held on 15 and 16 June at the Jerez circuit.

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