Monlau Competition visit Seat Sport


Seat Sport has opened its doors this week, students of Monlau Competition. Students in mechanical 2nd year of racing cars have been fortunate to travel to Martorell, to visit one of the few official teams are based in our country.


Xavier Carrasquilla, Seat Sales Manager Sport, has been commissioned to meet the students and guided visit. At first, located in the meeting room, Carrasquilla has explained in detail the history of Seat Sport during his 40 years of life in the world of racing. He emphasized the variety of disciplines that participated and the successes it has achieved, particularly those achieved in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) without forgetting its passage through the World Rally Championship or the classic 24 Hours Barcelona.


Then Monlau Competition students were able to take note of the explanations on how to organize the process of development and the creation of a race car from scratch, in an official team, with consequent factory support. Carrasquilla has detailed all the departments that have a role and methodology of regular work.


Then, accompanied by their teacher Marc Ribas, students were able to visit workshops and check the expertise of each one of the departments that make Seat Sport. The students took the opportunity to ask questions about the rules of the WTCC, possible future changes and the future of Seat Sport in this competition.


How could it be otherwise, the visit concluded with a thorough review of the last vehicle built in Martorell: The Seat Leon Cup Race. Xavier Carrasquilla them thoroughly explained every detail and evolution of the car compared to its predecessor. The students were very interested and that possibly be a vehicle that eventually ended up working.


Thank Monlau Competition Sport Seat predisposition to perform once a year, this interesting and productive visit.

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