Monlau Competition gets a double with Alex Carbonell

This weekend, the heat has been the protagonist in the third round of the Cup of Spain Resistance and Renault Clio Cup, held at the Circuito de Jerez. Members of Monlau Competition, their drivers and their vehicles have faced the high temperatures and the results have reflected, once again, its great potential. On this occasion, have competed five vehicles and a total of six riders: Jaume Font and Alex Carbonell, each with a Seat Leon Supercopa D2; Luca Demarchi and Alfredo Salerno sharing a Seat Ibiza SC Trophy at D5 and David Cebrian and Carlos Ezpeleta with two separate Renault Clio Cup at the top of the diamond mark.


Resistance Spain Cup Class 1 Carbonell has again surprised. If you left everyone with their mouths open in the above quotation which made its debut in the discipline, in Jerez has gone even further. This young man from the karting pilot has won both races in its class, the D2-while achieving also be first among the Juniors. Jaume Font, D2 also has had to leave in the first race but was able to compensate in the second up to the second step of the podium.


Class 2 Demarchi and Salerno, clear rulers of the Seat Ibiza SC Trophy after four consecutive victories, they could not repeat victory this time. The Italians, even so, have demonstrated once again its highest level in the event, finishing fourth in the first race and going to the second step of the podium after the second run.



Renault Clio Cup Carlos Ezpeleta David Cebrian and race are becoming more adapted to the vehicle and the competition and are improving their records to every appointment that happens. On the track, Cebrian has done it again showing his experience and little has lacked for release this season on the podium. The pilot Barcelona has achieved two fourth places in individual races and has established itself as one of the top 5 riders single brand. Ezpeleta also demonstrated progression on the latest appointments and has signed a twelfth and ninth in each of the races.

The next meeting of the CER and the Renault Clio Cup will be held after the summer break on 14 and 15 September at the Jarama circuit.

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