Monlau Competición visited the Repsol Technology Centre

Repsol Technology Center has had a very special visit, the students of the Master in engineering competition of the school run by Emilio Alzamora. The group of students has shifted to Móstoles (Madrid) to know thoroughly the Repsol Technology Centre Spain’s largest. In the center are the areas of fuels, lubricants, motors, asphalt, plastics and refining pilot plants, among many others.



The Technology Center is the nerve center of Repsol as to R & D + i (Research, Development and Innovation) refers. It also serves as a support center and technical support for the company’s products and production processes. Over 400 researchers and technicians who make up this giant are responsible development of technical projects in the short, medium and long term, including the aim to continuously improve efficiency, technical quality and respect for the environment environment products and petroleum chemical processes.



During the visit, the students were able to learn laboratories where research throughout the value chain of the company and especially fuel laboratories that develop fuels more environmentally friendly. The students have been especially interested in the engine laboratory where new generations continually seek more efficient engines.


Repsol has also placed special emphasis on its commitment to competition, not only through sponsorship but with a special interest for technology support and transfer of knowledge from the laboratory to the ski world average.


Repsol Competition thanks Monlau involvement in this visit, in which students were able to see first hand how one of the most important technology centers in the world.


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