The main contents developed during the two years of formation is structured as follows:

• Sporting and technical summary
• Engine technology
• Chassis technology
• Applied Electricity Course
• Workshop mechanics
• Practical mechanics
• Applied Computer Course
• Machining Course
• Technical English Course


With the goal of making a complete formation, Monlau Competición offers students the opportunity of doing internships in competition teams where the school has numerous agreements and conventions in different disciplines of Motorsport and also in our own structures (125cc or Moto2 National Championship).

In the last year, all students will participate in the school project of 24h Endurance that will take place at Circuit de Catalunya with Monlau Competición’s Team. The project will last several months and will be assisted by their teachers, both in the classroom and in the circuit.

Monlau Competition has the support of the Circuit de Catalunya that year after year provides scholarships to the two students with better grades for each course. Thus, the Circuit de Catalunya offers a great help to the formation of these young people who see their efforts rewarded with a scholarship.