Master class of GASGAS in Monlau Repsol Technical School


The sophomores mechanical of racing motorcycles were visited by a raid staff representation of team Gasgas.


Carles Pérez, manager of marketing and communication, Txema Ramos, chief mechanic of the Dakar and Marc Guasch, rider of the brand offered a explaining how a factory team is structured to tackle the toughest off-road race, the Dakar.



Txema Ramos explained all the technical details of the GASGAS EC 450 RAID, the differences in the enduro which drift and changes to the unit last year.


Meanwhile, Marc Guasch, experienced specialty rider, told the students how a rider is preparing to meet the 15 days of racing, how is a day of a motorcycle rider in the Dakar, how navigation and roadbook works .


Carles Pérez noted the importance of the Dakar project for the Catalan brand, standing as a strategic prop for the development of the material. Also Gasgas markets a career-client version of his mount.


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