Interview to Emilio Alzamora



The Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 played yesterday at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo the last race of his first season in the World Championship. The project, with the support of Estrella Galicia 0.0, CatalunyaCaixa and Repsol, and all the work done during this year, is already reality of the World Championship. Their pilots Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira have finished in the top eight Moto3 riders and Rins has won the Rookie of the Year trophy.

Rookies in most circuits of the World championship, the two riders were been very competitive and, above all, have staged a great progression throughout the season. Like the pilot also Estrella Galicia 0.0, CatalunyaCaixa and Repsol, Alex Marquez, who has played three Grand Prix as a wildcard and the second part of the season as a regular driver in the World Championship. The project will continue next season with Rins and Marquez on the team, the last two champions of Spain 125GP and Moto3. The challenges continue, the illusion persists. “There is much work to do,” Emilio Alzamora say, Team Manager.


After completing a great second half of the season, Alex falls while leading the race Marquez and Miguel Oliveira fighting for the podium. Álex Rins no score. What was missing?
“Yes, a pity. Miguel [Oliveira] was very strong in both workouts dry and water. Álex Márquez did a great race, but it lacks a bit of experience and that’s why what happened happened. Álex Rins found not comfortable with the bike and we could not give a solution for that rider and team feels at ease.”


Álex Rins has achieved proclaimed Rookie of the Year, how will value their World Cup debut?
“The valuation of the season is good. Alex Rins has won Rookie of the year in a season that proves to be a pilot with huge potential and a great career ahead. We are confident that next season alongside Álex Márquez, they will form a competitive team. “


The new Moto3 project has completed its first season in the World Championship. How do you feel now that it is a reality?
“The Moto3 project is made possible by the support of some sponsors, Estrella Galicia 0.0, CatalunyaCaixa and Repsol, which make it possible. Without them, supporting the base, nothing I saw yesterday in Moto2 would be feasible. It is an extension of the work we do in the CEV and serves as a springboard for young talent. “
What do you expect for next season?
“Alex Rins, has signed a great performance in which was his first appearance in the World Championship, will continue its progression with more experience. For his part, has everything a pilot needs to be fast and it has shown. However, there is much work to do. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez, who won the CEV, will continue their evolution. This season, under our umbrella has been able to play a few races, which, some with previous experience. “

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