Good feelings in the debut of the School Team Cabreiroá


Spain Cup Speed ​​has started with great expectations for Monlau Repsol Technical School and School Team Cabreiroá, this past weekend has debuted in the Challenge 80 and Pre Moto3 categories with four young hopefuls of motorcycling.

The first stage of the season was the circuit Alcarràs (Lleida ), where the Barcelona school moved a great team of teachers at the school as technical managers and students who acted as mechanics, with the dual aim of developing the teaching of field and train pilots projection.

The best result of the weekend was the third place of Miguel Parra in the career of the Challenge 80. The Gerundense rider, 12-year -old managed to climb the crate Alcarràs after a weekend of intense work in which the biggest challenge was the development of the bikes this season. To do this, the team had the exclusive support technicians RMU, which is why the School Team Cabreiroá team is the only official from the Italian brand.

Both Parra as his teammate Joan Uviña ( also 12 years) staged a career low to high, with a poor start which forced them to gain positions. After contact with the second group of pursuers, the two young riders chased the lead group and alternated in the podium positions with rivals , crossing the line in third and fifth, respectively. Parra made ​​it to 1.786 seconds behind the winner, after setting a best lap of one tenth round quickly and Uvina to the first 2,470.

In Pre Moto3 category, Jeremy Alcoba and Borja Sánchez also had to do their best with the technical development of the bike. For this reason, the third on the grid on Saturday achieved by Borja Sánchez invited optimism.

Race conditions, however, played a trick on School Team Cabreiroá  riders. After a red flag for the fall when a rider had not completed even two laps, the resumption of the race was held in the rain. With little experience in water without having tasted the RMU wet, Sanchez and Alcoba had to overcome the adverse situation on the fly. What’s more, in the third round a touch between Sanchez and another rider he made ​​him lose positions, which was finally sixth.

Jeremy Alcoba, meanwhile, showed a very good pace, despite the difficulties, and finished in ninth place the young debutant, has only 12 years surely improve in upcoming appointments.

In short, the first Cup race in Spain Speed ​​left the four pilots Monlau Repsol Technical School located in the top 10, thus fulfilling one of the basic fitness goals, allowing teachers and students of mechanical and Master of Engineering Competition put into practice the knowledge acquired in the study center.

These are the team members who traveled to Alcarràs circuit:
- Jordi – Gatell , Director of the bike project.
- Hector Testuri , Technical Director , professor and alumnus.
- Sergio Jara , head and professor of mechanical 80cc.
- Esteve – Carles , Chief Mechanic Pre Moto3 , professor and alumnus.
- Rabasa -Jordi , Data recorder 80cc , professor and alumnus.
- Cesar Galofre , Data recorder Pre Moto3 and alumni.
- Victor Carrasco, Sports Advisor and expiloto Monlau.
- Bermúdez – Yerai , mechanical and alumni Primer.
- Oscar – Escoda , mechanical and alumni Primer.
- Diego Martin, Pol Tortosa, Luca Belosi and Alejandro Martinez, trainees.

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