After 10 years of experience in the field of technical teaching of competition of racing cars and motorbikes and the first Master in Engineering of Competition with a brilliant faculty graduates, specialized in the different modules of the master and active in major national competitions and international.

Thus, Monlau Repsol Technical School is positioned as the leading training school for technicians and engineers in competition in the ways of car and motorcycle in our teaching pyramid encompassing all actors of motorsport.

The Master of Engineering Competition lasts 350 hours and is divided into 11 modules perfectly structured.

It is a pioneer Master as it encompasses the two aspects of car and motorcycle to a 50 % common content.

Upon completion the student will master all the knowledge to choose your professional side. (Track Engineer, engine engineer or transmissions, chassis, aerodynamics, telemetry, simulation, manager of a team or a technical office engineer in the automotive industry or auxiliary … etc.)

The Master is aimed at students or Superior Engineers, Engineering graduates or experienced professionals who wish to take the world of motorsport on the ways of car and motorcycle.
To ensure excellent teaching quality places are limited.