Doublet for Monlau Repsol Technical School in Valencia


The Ricardo Tormo Circuit of Valencia has been the scene of the fifth round of the Challenge calendariode 80 , framed in Spain Cup Speed . Technical Repsol Schoolha Monlau achieved the double, in this introduction to motorcycle category , the same day that Alex Rins seha led victory in Moto3 and Alex Marquez was third , all with the team facilities escuelagestionado from Montcada i Reixac . A good example of the important work of teaching center basedel directed by Emilio Alzamora and that gradually ascends to the World Cup.



The two disputed timed practice sessions , have returned to give igualdadpresente sample in the Challenge 80 . While for most of the time Monlau pilots RepsolTechnical School have led the table , finally made with the third and fourth fastest . Alcobaha stopped the clock at 1:55.040 , the best time to 0899 and Parra has signed a 1:55.131 , in 0990 the polesitter .



From the first meter of the race, the team’s drivers have shown relentless Barcelona . Parra , with a spectacular block , has taken the lead end of the straight and Bedroom is located wheel. HOWEVER , an incident on track forced the commissioners to remove red flag and the race hadetenido . In the returns , the script has continued unchanged. Miguel Parra has taken the reins and just been released Stock Exchanges throughout the competition . Jeremy Alcoba , which until this week had never shot enCheste , has had to work hard to bring up the second. Immersed in a group – led cincopilotos Parra , Alcoba has remained third for most of the laps . In laúltima traced back to the east, both Repsol riders Monlau Technical School afond have been used and as a result , Alcoba has crossed the finish line in second place and Parra has signed rápidade around race and victory.


Sergio Jara , lecturer in Competition Monlau bikes and team leader : ” Regardless of the outcome , our goals are always to be making progress to get to know lospilotos and national circuits . With today ‘s double , we confirm that we Porel right track and that with effort and dedication you can get where Rins and Marquez, who makes escasosaños competed here . “


The following quote Spain Cup Speed will be at the Circuit de Navarra , 26 and 27 October .


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