Day test at the Circuit for students in the Master of Engineering



The 30 students of the Master in Engineering Competition organized by Monlau Repsol Technical School have had the great opportunity to do their first practice motorcycling. The scenario has been the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, where future specialists in motorsport engineers were able to learn how a professional team consisting of pilots, mechanics and engineers from the prestigious school works Barcelona.
The practice represents the culmination of the first month of the Master and, for students, has been his second touchdown on the world of motorsport, after also recently performed a test of motorsport. They all had the opportunity to see how it is organized a day of testing, have attended meetings with the drivers and used the behavior of each motorcycle, depending on the settings used and piloting techniques.

To do this, they have had a team of teachers to the highest standards and experience in the world of competition, like Xavi Soldevila HRC engineer and Master Coordinator, Modest Guerola; Xavi Palacín, crew chief Alex Marquez in the Moto3 World Championship; César Gallofré, data recorder of Monlau Repsol Technical School and former student of the master; Sergio Jara, 80cc category technical manager; Carles Esteve, technical manager of Pre Moto3 category; Hector Testuri responsible for mechanics Cup project – School Team; Jaume Carrau, data recorder CEV and Jordi Gatell, director of sports projects.

“It’s a very important practice because it is the first time that students are on track, working with a professional team of motorcycling. We teach them to work within a box. They have the opportunity to see how the mechanics work, technicians and pilots with bikes and learn the methodology of analysis,”says Xavi Palacín with extensive experience in the World, who confirmed that this Master is very useful.

Xavi Soldevilla engineer, said, “we assume that students have no experience and we teach them the rules of behavior and the basic parameters in a team competition. With this day have the opportunity to learn how a technical team and pilot workload, as well as how to interpret the data acquisition” is managed.

Future specialists in motorsport engineers have at their disposal a competition structure, formed by the Moto3 Honda rided by José Luis Carrión (sports adviser Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0’0) and Victor Carrasco (School Team Sport Advisor). Along with them, have also been young riders Jeremy Pre Moto3 Bedroom and Borja Sánchez, with RMU Cup Spain Speed​​.
“It represents the first contact with a real simulation environment of competition and a great opportunity to live in a box with all the members of a professional team. As an alumnus of the Master, it is a very positive practice because when you get to a real team after finishing the theoretical training, not many people to help you because everyone expects you to know do things, “says César Gallofré , telemetric Repsol Monlau Technical School.

The ultimate goal of this practice is to gather as much information as possible in search of a higher return on each of the motorcycles through the different set- up. To do this, students in the Master of Monlau Repsol Technical School were distributed in small groups, led by several professors from the Barcelona School, rotating gone to work well with all motorcycles used during the test.

Pablo Garrido, Master student, has very highly on the practice at the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona: “It’s been an interesting and educational day, as we were able to track all apply the theory we have learned in the classroom. It has been a privilege to work with riders, engineers and teachers, all very professional. I always see on TV and think, how will you be there? Now we know and we will face a lot of our professional future.”

This activity at the Circuit de  Barcelona Catalunyawas the second of the four practices that participants in this prestigious Master in Engineering Competition held throughout the course, both car and motorcycle racing, organized by Monlau Repsol Technical School. When complete their training will have taken an important step in its journey to become a professional engineers team motorsport.

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