Conference of Clos and Molina in Monlau Repsol Technical School

Repsol Monlau Technical School continues to promote conferences and master classes of motorsport related persons in our country, as an added value in the training of their students. The sophomores of motorsports race mechanics have received, on this occasion, two firm promises of discipline: Dani Clos and Miguel Molina.



The conference, led by Jaime Serrano center’s deputy director, has started a detailed review of the sporting careers of both pilots. Clos and Molina debut in competition through karting and have been rivals on the track for most of his life. Once karts left behind, both agreed in the Championship of Spain of Formula Renault 1.6 and then moved forward through the FR 2.0 and F3. Later, their lives took different paths, Miguel Molina went to the DTM which, today, is Audi factory driver and Dani Clos, after several seasons in GP2, landed in F1 as third driver for HRT Formula 1 Team.


As if it were parallel lives, Spanish riders have topped the explanations, each with their point of view, and have commented experiences and anecdotes of their passage through each category. They have also emphasized the different methodologies and working environments found in Spain, Italy or Germany. Notably, Miguel Molina has moved to live recently, the German nation in order to have more direct involvement in the project of Audi in the DTM.


One of the most interesting, for students, has been when pilots have lectured on what values should be those who want to engage in high-level competition in a professional manner. Molina and Clos have agreed concepts like effort, sacrifice, dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance.


To close the ceremony, students Monlau Repsol Technical School have been able to raise their concerns to the speakers and they, very carefully, have responded to each of the questions.


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