Conference of Álex Rins and Alex Márquez in Monlau Competition


Taking advantage of your stay in Barcelona after the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya, Monlau Repsol school wanted to present both drivers of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 Moto3 World Championship for the students of motorcycle racing mechanics. During the conference, led by Jaime Serrano, deputy director of Monlau Competition, Rins and Marquez were accompanied by their chiefs, Xavier Palacin and Carlos Perez.



Álex Rins and Alex Márquez detailed as were its beginnings in competition since the foundation of our motorcycling, promotional cups, with Monlau Competition until they reach the World Cup. The pilots have not only discussed their evolutions in sporting but have placed particular emphasis on the differences in their respective motorcycles. Students present have listened carefully as the pilots of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 have detailed specifications of each bike, in each of the categories you have passed and your feelings when pilot them.


The Barcelona and Lleida also explained the important differences between motorcycles with two-stroke engine with reed valve and rotary valve. They added that the two times the pilot was very different from having to achieve great cornering and then jump to the innovative four-stroke Moto3. Within this framework, Palacin and Perez technicians have argued that the way of working in the garage with two-stroke and four-stroke has varied considerably.


Rins and Marquez have also talked about the structures of the teams who have competed since the inception of the sport until today. The pilots have stated the importance of each component of training and the proper conduct of their duties within their specific field of action. Mechanical makers of their bikes in the Moto3 World Championship, Xavier Palacin and Carlos Perez, have provided valuable technical explanations for students and this has further enriched the lecture.


To conclude the event, has opened a question and in a more relaxed the speakers have been answering the questions and concerns they have raised highly competitive future mechanics.



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